Aqua Babies


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The fundamental elements of swimming are organized into 10 units known as stations. Each station builds upon skills learned at previous stations. The end result is a student who can perform 6 unique styles of swimming a distance of at least 300 yards without stopping. The entire progression can be learned in one place at one time.

  • Gradual water adaptation
  • Movement in the water
  • Breath holding and release
  • Submersion of the face
  • Opening eyes underwater
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Bobbing with bubbles and air exchange
  • 10 relaxed bobs
Floats and Glides
  • Front float and recover
  • Front Glide and recover
  • Back float and recover
  • Back glide and recover
  • Front Glide and recover
    -5 seconds
  • Back glide and recover
    -5 seconds
  • Porpoising
  • Front kick, glide, and recover
  • Back kick, glide, and recover
  • Dolphin kick, glide and recover
  • Front kick - 15 feet
  • Back kick - 15 feet
Crawl Stroke
  • Rollover - front to back, back to front
  • Finning and sculling
  • Side-glide-kick
  • Crawl
  • Side-glide-kick, 20 feet
  • Crawl stroke, 20 feet (no breathing)
  • Crawl stroke with breathing
  • Back crawl stroke
  • Crawl stroke with breathing (30 feet minimum of 4 breaths)
  • Extended freestyle swimming
  • Tread water
  • Jump in and tread water
  • Sitting dive
  • Kneeling dive
  • Standing dive
  • Swim Freestyle 75 feet
  • Swim backstroke 30 feet
  • Tread water for 1 minute
Breaststroke and Butterfly
  • Breaststroke kick
  • Breaststroke swim
  • Butterfly arms
  • Butterfly swim
  • Swim Freestyle 50 yards
  • Swim Backstroke 25 yards
  • Kick Breaststroke 20 feet
  • Freestyle with bilateral breathing
  • Turns
  • Swim freestyle for 100 yards (using bilateral breathing for 25 yards of the swim)
  • Swim 25 yards Breaststroke
  • Swim 30 feet Butterfly
Lifetime Strokes
  • Sidestroke kick
  • Sidestroke swim
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Swim 200 yards Freestyle, bilateral breath for one continuous 50 yard
  • Swim 25 yards Butterfly
  • Swim 50 yards Breaststroke
  • Swim 50 yards Elementary Backstroke
  • Swim 50 yards Sidestroke
Individual Medley
  • Extended swimming and technique refinement in all major strokes and turns
  • Swim 300 yards freestyle
  • Swim 100 yards Backstroke
  • Swim 100 yards Individual Medley

Infants ages 6 months to 3 years are accepted into the program with their parents with the purpose of promoting a positive response to the water environment, to teach the child to float on their back and to get a breath of air. We do not teach infants to "swim". Though some other skills are learned, this part of the program is not described as a "learn to swim", because this implies a skill level that we do not intend to attempt at this age range. Our definition of what swimming means is described in Station 10 of the SwimAmerica Station definitions.

Aqua Babies will encourage new abilities in the areas of motor development, language, and emotional and social skills. Because the parent is in the water with the child, there will be enrichment of the parent-child relationship.

These classes are taught by our SwimAmerica Coach who has been specifically trained for this age group. A maximum of 6 parent/child per class. Class times are scheduled for 30 minutes with instruction for 20-25 and 5-10 for free movement or questions.

Available only at the Cavanagh Pool